Welcome to Edified. Guest: Sye Tenbruggencate

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Welcome to Edified, a new short and simple web series that lets you sit down and join in fellowship with artist, apologists, theologians, and pastors as they discuss Gospel centered topics and worldview changing doctrine.

In the first episode The Chocolate Knox sits down with Sye Tenbruggencate and discusses the Presuppositional Apologetics. You can visit Sye Tenbruggencate’s website at http://proofthatGodExists.org

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3 Responses to "Welcome to Edified. Guest: Sye Tenbruggencate"

  1. Charlene says:

    This was sweet.  I mean, suhhh-weeet.  As in really, really awesome! The format and style (and title) is fantastic.  So if David is the Chocolate Knox, then Sye is the Vanilla…(sorry, I’m not familiar enough with the Reformers to make this witty).  I get to sit and listen to this casual conversation between friends and brothers on such an engaging topic–and I am edified. Well done.  I had to watch it twice to really get what Sye was saying. He is amazing with helping the everyday Christian understand smarty pants apologetics.  I guess I’m the one person who has never heard the police story–I’m glad he told it!  Bob is definitely Lutheran 😀  I’m also the one person in the universe who isn’t on Facebook and I don’t Twitter but I will post this on my blog in the near future.  The bad news is that I don’t think anyone reads my blog but I’ll post it anyway.  BTW, are they sitting on a couch in the middle of traffic????  Seems like quite a few cars went by during the conversation!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Charlene! Your sentiments is exactly what we were hoping to capture, hence the name and it is our hope that future guests will also be just as edifying. 

      PS. We shot this at night, outside in the front yard. We have been given studio space to create this show more professionally. We actually had to cancel shooting episode two because of the rain. Once we raise enough money we can start the construction required to build the set and install the lights. 

      • Charlene says:

        I should have put a smiley face by my traffic comment–I think the front yard shoot is great, I just couldn’t figure out the location.  I think it added a “cool” factor to the video to have a couch sitting in darkness with the occasional car going by. I guess a studio may look more professional (and rain wouldn’t be a factor) but then you’ll lose the uniqueness of having a couch in a front yard at night!  Again, well done.