Being a filmmaker is not easy work; It’s a difficult, at times physically demanding job. To be done rightly, in a way that glorifies God and exalts his name, filmmaking takes a Biblical
work ethic. Planning, scouting, waking up early, always being able to turn creativity on whether you’re awake or not, making things work when things go terribly wrong, and working under unreasonably tight deadlines are all part of the job requirements – it’s consistently intense.

Christian filmmaker Darren Doane, in his talk “Christian Filmmaker?,” throws out a challenge called “30 Sunrises” as a reality-check for those who think they might be cut-out for the job.

The challenge is simple. Film 30 sunrises (you can’t be late for) in 30 separate locations (so you can’t be stagnant) in 30 straight days (so you’re outright exhausted) – rain or shin, in sickness or in health. If you can’t do this he says, “Then you don’t want it enough and you should get another job.”

Crown Rights doesn’t just want to make good productions, we want to change the filmmaking culture. We want to encourage and inspire other Christian artists to reclaim Christian art and place secular media under the feet of Christ. We have a lot of work to do.

This is why we’re doing 30 Sunrises. We’re laying a foundation and building a work ethic that will benefit the productions Crown Rights does five years, fifty years, or even five hundred years from now.

Since Crown Rights is past the basics of filmmaking, and we’re already doing the work, we wanted to make the challenge a little more difficult. Instead of simply placing the camera and hitting record in 30 locations. We wanted to tell 30 short stories, edit them and make them public.

We’ve done music videos, talk shows, and reality shows but we’ve yet to do anything in a fictional format. The art of storytelling is something we want to study and improve in and we thought that our supporters would like to learn with us and be inspired to do it on their own.

So you guys have been invited to our boot camp. We’re exposing you to everything we make these next 30 days, that way it matters. Some sunrise stories are good, some are bad, and some are worthy of our death – but that’s part of our challenge and your fun.

We’ve learned a lot over the past month. As the Sunrise stories evolve in complexity and absurdity over the next few days – as forced by the challenge – and as we embarrass ourselves more and more before the world in the next few weeks, we know that through the lessons learned, the mistakes made, and the work ethic built, we are preparing ourselves for greater things at Crown Rights, for you, and for the Church at large.

Thanks to everyone, and we hope you enjoy our daily comic strip.

Listen to the talk that inspired the challenge here: “Christian Filmmaker?”

Christian Filmmaker? from Darren Doane on Vimeo.