The Most Terrifying Truth in All of Scripture – By Paul Washer

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Crown Rights Media got the chance to sit down with Paul Washer at the 2011 Sermon Index Conference. Listen to him share the most terrifying truth in all of Scripture. Think you know what it is? It might surprise you…

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9 Responses to "The Most Terrifying Truth in All of Scripture – By Paul Washer"

  1. Vinny says:

    LOVE Paul Washer! Love this video! I have a question however… What does PW
    mean by a “continuous” state of carnality? This phrase always
    confuses me. How long a period does this cover, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1
    year, 10 years? Was King David in “continuous” carnality, rebellion
    and denial while he committed adultery and murder until the time he repented when
    confronted by God’s prophet? The term just seems ambiguous and vague to me. Can
    you help me understand what he means? Thx, Vinny

    • Anonymous says:

      it might not be a specific amount of time, but a relation with sin where the Holy Spirit doesnt convict you of it. that means that you are hardened by the sin and you no longer care about it. you just walk around like nothing happened. that is a dangerous path to be on.

  2. Scienceprovescreation says:

    con·tin·u·ous (k n-t n y – s). adj. 1. Uninterrupted in time, sequence, substance, or extent. Synonyms:  everlasting, extended, for ever and ever, interminable, looped, no end of, no end to, perpetual, prolonged, regular, repeated, stable, steady, timeless, unbroken, unceasing, undivided, unfaltering, uninterrupted.

    As long as you remain in flesh: you are in that state of continuous carnality. The flesh is the sign of that disobedience. That is why we have a continuous need of Jesus Christ in everything we do, until taht day the ‘seed’ is raised incorruptible. Through the marriage of Jesus Christ to us, in us, in being born again, he takes on him all of our sin, and we take on us all of his righteousness. It is part of the marriage covenant. Howevr, you are still wrapped in flesh, until you are physically resurrected. That is why Paul went through the dissertation on how is flesh is constantly at war with his spirit.

  3. Andreea says:

    What does holiness mean?

  4. Jimgtr says:

    This is completely Christ centerd Bible truth that all should hear.
    I sent this to all my contacts….
    Jimmy T

  5. Larry L. Bishop Jr. says:

    Praise be to GOD… I needed that, and I know I’m a sinner that only GOD has saved me thanks you so much for your words…

  6. Aushoj05 says:

    If God is so good and just why does he punish us for what is ultimately his own mistake.  Maybe he isn’t omnipotent or omniscient.  He made the serpent and the tree and us, did he not know that we would eat of the tree or was he powerless to stop it?  What was stopping him from changing man instantly to be good?  Also what really is wrong with a god that is neither good nor evil?

    • Kid Titanic says:

      Think about any person that cares for you, would you prefer they loved you because that was their only reason for being or because they chose to? Yes, he knew what was going to happen, but in order to spend eternity with people that love him by choice he had to give us the option, also known as free-will. Other-wise we would be some sort of robots loving him because he told us to. That would be empty love, like the kind offered by a prostitute, affection that is fake. 
      As for a God that is neither good nor evil: only a good God would give us a choice in the matter of affection, an evil God would rule with a tyranny telling us what to do. A God that is neither would have no use to create anything as it wouldn’t care either way.

      I hope this provides a good start on an understanding.

      • Aushsoj05 says:

        If a god is neither good nor evil he may not even care about any choice we make. He may have made us just for the fun of it or we could all be just some unintentional creation. He doesn’t have to be good for us to have free will.