The Doctrine of Sola Sui Iuris and the death of Humanism

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The idea of being an autonomous creature has been around since before the fall of man. Lucifer himself, not content with worshipping God but rather desiring to be autonomous, rebelled against his Creator. As Lucifer desired to be autonomous, man too, in his totally depraved state, desires to be autonomous, or what I will synonymously call, ‘sola sui iuris’ (literally, of one’s own law alone). Expanding this doctrine, sola sui iuris is to live each by our own rules, according to that which the singular person determines to be acceptable by it, wholly on its own accord.

This inward desire to live ‘sola sui iuris’ plays out in different ways; the most obvious among us is that of the atheist. Enter the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. MAAF has started offering “alternatives to church” programs and meetings during summer training at US Military academies, in order to gain official recognition for similar secular programs during the school year. MAAF has a long list of requests, but condensed down, it seeks equal religious protections under the law.

Among the vast array of legal issues with regard to MAAF seeking religious protections afforded under the United States Constitution, there is one central issue at stake that trumps all others; that is, autonomy. It is interesting that MAAF would collectively seek protections of any kind; as it is completely counterintuitive to logically conclude that man may practice autonomy, yet somehow attempt to force a collective rule of law. Autonomy at its most basic level is an individualistic assertion.

Undoubtedly MAAF will continue to legally seek the right to practice its religion of humanism, as all atheists are humanists. Which despite autonomous man’s rejections of absolutes beyond human reasoning, does indeed have a god. Anyone, by asserting his or her individual autonomy does so at the expense of ultimately arguing theistically. They create for themselves gods, that god being the autonomous man, therefore one can absolutely say, ‘humanism is dead’, for humanists by definition do not ascribe to themselves a god.

There is no room in the Creator’s order for an autonomous creation. Just as Lucifer was cast aside and thrown from the heavens, this sin of sola sui iuris was cast down and placed under the feet of the Most High.The late Dr. Greg Bahnsen said it this way, “In the argument between Christian faith and unbelief, it is important to remember that the two positions are mutually exclusive: one submits to the authority of God’s revelation; the other asserts human autonomy.”

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