Psychologists: James Holmes was “completely logical”

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This weekend cable news was filled with ‘professional psychologists’ who were trying to explain what exactly would cause a man to storm into a loaded movie theater and open fire on innocent bystanders.  Because let’s be honest. No “normal” person would ever do such a thing.  Right?

The problem is people are looking for psychologist to comfort their consciences.

They want to be reassured that whatever James Holmes did in Colorado, it was because he had issues, because he wasn’t normal.

That’s where the psychologists and their endless theories and speculations come in to play.

Takes these quotes from ABC News:

“In general, these people tend to be socially inept and alienated from the mainstream,” said Dr. Felipe Amunategui, an associate training director for child and adolescent psychiatry at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.

“The thing to realize is that within [James Holmes] own thoughts, what he was doing was completely logical. To him, he was accomplishing something worth doing,” said Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center in Arlington, Va.

This is why the secular humanist must paint James Holmes as an oddity, and anything but ‘normal’. Because for the secular humanist, morality is defined by what is normal. If there were enough people like James Holmes, each doing “what was completely logical” and “worth doing” in their own mind…would that make mass theater rampages OK?

Without God humans have no morality. They have no objective standard for good, or evil. In the world of secular humanism, morality is defined by babbling psychotherapists…not on the objective nature of the Word of God.

The Psychologists say statements such as James Holmes was reclusive, socially awkward, and unusually intelligent. He had “all the warning signs of a psychopath, he was an oddity”

But the fact is that James Holmes was nothing more than a human being, and basic humanity is capable of great wickedness beyond what anyone could ever imagine.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

“And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5

If we cut off the TV, and tune out the rambling scientist and open up God’s Word, we will see what the secular humanist don’t want be reminded of. That is James Holmes was normal. He didn’t contain all the characteristics of a psychopath, instead he contained all the characteristics of someone who has been given over to their sin. James was perfectly normal. Evil to the core. Just like every single son of Adam that has ever walked the face of the earth. The only difference is that God removed his hand withholding hand of Grace from James Holmes and allowed him to act out against God’s objective standard of morality.

This is not a popular message to those who war against the complete rule of Christ. The humanists fight to the death for autonomy and shudder at the very idea that even their apparent goodness is only a result of God’s rule over them.

Let us be reminded that it is only because of the grace of God in allowing the Gospel to go forth, penetrate the hearts of men, disciple the nations, and thereby changing a countries moral worldview that makes this sort of behavior unusual.

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22 Responses to "Psychologists: James Holmes was “completely logical”"

  1. jay401 says:

    Interesting thoughts. By the way, “shutter” should be “shudder”.

  2. Michael Coughlin says:

    Psychology is evil and antithetical to Christianity.  It is not something that can be mixed with Christianity.  It is, as it is defined by itself, a competing religion attempting to define men’s basic problems and how to resolve them without Christ.

    Thanks for reminding us of this very present evil with which there is no compromise possible, nor necessary.

    • Kekoa9152 says:

      Mr. Coughlin, why would you say Psychology is evil??  It is a science, I don’t think that you would say Astronomy, Biology, or Chemistry is evil, would you??  There are, like in all sciences, including theology, those who distort God’s truth with erroneous worldviews, but one of the awesome things about God giving us a new heart and mind, is that we have the ability to sift through the mental garbage setting itself up against the Gospel so that we might tear it down (See 2 Corinthians 10:1-5).

      • Michael Coughlin says:

        Kekoa9152 – I call Psychology evil because it is not science, it is a competing religion with Christianity and, thus, a false religion.

        Did I just say EVERY CONCLUSION “psychology” every draws is wrong? No.

        Did I just say that psychologists have never helped anyone? No.

        Did I just say that Psychology is not the same as biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy in its nature? Yes.

        In those other disciplines, observations can be made. Theses are tested and repeated and predictions due to God’s uniformity of nature can be made with accuracy.

        This is not something that can be understood easily in a blog comment. I am happy to discuss it further with you is how to get a hold of me. I have some audio recordings of some teachings.

  3. Mother of God says:

    We care so much about diabetics and Iraq, but not our sick brains, that why we are all sick since no treatment yet for brain disorders!!! Who did miss death penalty??? lol

    • Mcneilb says:

       The best treatment is the healing hands of our Lord Jesus Christ…He will heal your heart first and then your mind, and then your body if need be…the death penalty is just an excuse to commit murder in a “politically correct” way and also to make a circus out of an execution. Murder is murder no matter how you want to look at it…all of the american soldiers at war in the middle east are certainly not heros or men to be admired(the only real Hero is Christ Jesus), but the soldiers are simply murderers taking orders from more experienced murderers…

      • Me says:

        ok nutjob…clearly u are a leftist. You’re first sentense was good…but the rest is pure bullshit.

      • Me says:

        actually..let me correct myself. You didn’t even compose a whole sentence. It’s just one run on sentence after another. Your first phrase was good. Rest was BS.

  4. Reality says:

    You know God doesn’t exist, right?

    • Mcneilb says:

       Actually God is real, and so is Jesus the Christ. I dont need to prove the reality of God, because you will find out for yourself….one way(Jesus)…or the other(condemnation)

      • Kekoa9152 says:

        Reality is just trying to get responses.  There is  no need to entertain this person my friend…

    • Adv0cate says:

       Prove your statement, Reality…

  5. anonymous says:

    Holmes was very involved in his Presbyterian Church according to many reports though. He definitely knew good from evil. It’s pretty clear he’s not normal on a neuro-physiological level.  

  6. Wadv20 says:

    Who wrote this? Sye?

  7. Securitynerds says:

    “Without God humans have no morality.”

    Biggest line of elitest bs ever written. period.

    • Kekoa9152 says:

       It is not only a logical proof (without God humans have no morality), but it is certainly biblical as well…Please elaborate on why you think that way…I would not say so much no morality it is just a corrupt one.

  8. Jmus109 says:

    This is complete bull-Sh*t. This mentality is why I left the church. 

  9. DJ jaffe says:

    Here is a great article that explains schizophrenia to people of fundamentalist Christian faith:

  10. Faith in the Lord says:

    Seems like I always have to apologize for my scientifically ignorant Christian brothers/sisters.  For starters, go study Phineas Gage. If you had any knowledge on how the Lord has designed our brains, you’d know that if something goes wrong up there, it could result in strange and/or aggressive behavior. 

    Brain imaging technology has revealed that the minds of psychopaths are deficient in areas related to emotional affect and sociability.  So as Christians do we simply disregard this?  Or do we do as Jesus would do and provide the needed treatment for these people so they can safely function in society. 

    Passing off Psychology as secular is no different than saying Chemistry was secular during the Middle Ages.  Behavioral neuroscience is making significant progress in understanding the mind as well as confirming psychological theories with MRIs and EEGs. 

    If you’re a Christian and you don’t understand science please don’t make ignorant comments or assumptions.  Consult with your more knowledgeable and better discerning Christian brethren, we are here to provide you with insight. That’s the beauty of the body of the church.    

  11. Dzhessei says:

    God amy or may not exist. there is no viable proof in either direction, therefore Christians and Atheists are both sheep, illogical and ignorant to the truth that if there is a God, we’d never know. if there isn’t, we’d never know. Logic, people! but God does not define morality, society does. Morality does not define ethics, individuals do. I’m proud of my immoral nature, because my ethics are respectable. Call me a heathen or a bleeding-heart, it matters not, because I know you can’t produce a rational, objective, argument.

  12. I think the biggest danger here as Christians is that we do not view this type of behavior holistically. The science of psychology should not be denigrated anymore than biology, chemistry or archaeology. However, they must be viewed through the lense of a Christian worldview instead of a secular one. Human behavior is based on and functions on physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. As Christians we first realize what this article states – we are fallen and corrupted by sin and desperately need our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. However, we are also physical beings – chemical imbalances and other physiological issues can deeply affect us. Even something like a toothache and the resultant pain can influence our behavior. We are also emotional beings – we can be influenced by unbalanced emotions and emotional trauma. As Christians we must realize the deepest level of influence in our lives is on the spiritual level, but we cannot unwisely rule out physical and emotional infulences. The danger is to treat physical or emotional issues and then fail to deal with the spiritual aspect of things.