Of Mayors, Fast Food and Tyranny – by Jon Speed

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Over recent weeks the mayors of New York, Boston, and Chicago appear to be in a private contest to see who can win the “tyrant of the year” award.  Mayor Bloomberg of New York kicked things off by proposing that the city make it illegal for fast food companies to sell soda in sizes larger than sixteen ounces.  His reasoning is straightforward: New York has a growing problem (pun intended) with obesity; almost half of the citizens of the Big Apple are, well, big.  Some members of the Board of Health, emboldened by Bloomberg’s foray into socialism, have suggested that they might also consider limiting the sizes of popcorn sold at movie theaters and milkshakes sold at ice cream joints.

Now that their little private challenge is “on” with Bloomberg’s head start into fascism, Mayor Menino of Boston chimed in more recently stating that Chick-fil-a will not be allowed to do business in the city of Boston because he doesn’t think a business in Boston should, “discriminate against a population.”  (For those who live under a rock, Chick-fil-a came out recently in support of the Biblical view of marriage.) On July 20th, he wrote a letter to Dan Cathy, president of Chick-Fil-A, and stated that, “There is no place for discrimination on Boston’s Freedom Trail.”  That is, unless you are discriminating against those who think that the Bible is the Word of God.  Question, Mayor Menino: what place does discrimination against those who hold the Bible to be the sole authority of faith and practice have on the Freedom Trail?   Think hard before you answer: there were a few patriots who thought pretty highly of the Bible.  Considering the fact that the Old North Church, the Old South Meeting House, the King’s Chapel, the Charles Street Meeting House, and the Park Street Church are all on that trail, it would be more intellectually honest to say that there is no place for anti-Biblical thinking on Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Johnny-come-lately to the party is Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.  In a statement to the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel stated (with a straight face), “Chick-fil-a values are not Chicago values.”  What “values” exactly are “Chicago values”?  Based on the history (some of it quite recent) I suspect Dan Cathy would agree with Emanuel.  Chick-fil-a probably does not consider political corruption to be one of their core values.  On February 15, 2012, the Chicago Tribune reported that according to a study at the University of Illinois at Chicago, over the last 36 years Chicago has had the most public corruption convictions in the nation.  These convictions include four governors, two congressmen, a state treasurer, an attorney general, 11 state legislators, and numerous judges and aldersmen.    Emanuel’s statement turns out to be a compliment to Chick-fil-a.

Mayors Bloomberg, Menino and Emanuel all have one thing in common.  All three are attempting to do something that they are not commissioned to do in their office.  The Word of God specifies that rulers are to be a “terror…to the evil” (Romans 13:3).  In Bloomberg’s case, he misses this point entirely by meddling.  Perhaps if he spent more time doing his real job opposing evil (I hear there is some in NYC), he wouldn’t have the time to be a busy body.  In the cases of Menino and Emanuel, there is confusion regarding what is good and what is evil.  In their cases they are calling evil “good” and good “evil.”  Woe to them (Isaiah 5:20).

I do have one question for Mr. Menino.  If businesses who hold to a Biblical view of marriage, then what about citizens?  Do you welcome citizens who choose to practice their freedom of religion or is that now off-limits on the “Freedom Trail” too?

These mayors have forgotten the same thing that almost all Americans (and many, many Christians) have forgotten: the rule of law.  Elected officials have one main responsibility: enforce the law.  They do not have a responsibility to micromanage the lives of their constituents based upon their bathroom scales or their religious views.  They are not “above the law” and neither are they sole authors of the law.  God alone is Sovereign.  Mayors and kings are not.  They are directly under: 1) the Law of God and 2) the law of the land (the Constitution), in that order.  The last time anyone checked, mayors Bloomberg, Menino and Emanuel were not elected “kings” of their respective cities the last time the citizenry went to the polls.

The role of all magistrates from president to the average town clerk is delineated in Romans 13.  When magistrates stray from their God-ordained tasks, confusion results.  And tyranny is in the offing.

Written By: Jon Speed, for CrownRights.org

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  1. Michael Coughlin says:

    Excellent post.  Very thorough yet concise and readable.