Monumental by IV HIS SON

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They say the world gone crazy,
We done lost our mind,
Blind leading the blind,
Can’t see the signs.
High anxiety from economical times,
We stay getting drunk taking drugs of all kinds.

Everybodies so promiscuous!
Don’t worry about it ladies.
Find out that mans lazy, you can go and kill your baby.

See the laws is getting watered down,  blame it on the Government
and they blame the big businesses, while we struggling.
Huh? You don’t notice it, Church blame the media,
media blaming the parents like what they teaching us.

And the agnostic and atheist blame religion,
I guess everybodies got their right and wrong system.
So I imagine its hard just to find truth, But I fine can it be?
We can’t define truth.

Should I worry about it,
we ain’t gonna last,
some say the world’s going to hell,
with a speed pass.

Look at the rapist, murderers, bodies is in the trash.
They got us popping pills, mentally we doing bad.
Suicide rates, still race hates, crooked politicians, wicked pastors on Sunday.

Man, I tell you man, its got to be answers.
Cause sin is eating us all up like cancer.
I said look man, theres got to be answers,
Cause sin is just eating us all up like cancer.

Morality, Evangelist, Law Justice, Mercy, Education, Time wasting.
Wisdom, Liberty peace what does it all mean?
I guess without faith, it all don’t mean a thing.

So what about the present? The future lets do nothing?
Cause obviously it wasn’t always like this was it?
Is there anyway to know how it all began?
Cause I got a wife, a life, family and friends.

Huh? Is there any really hope man, I’m looking at the dope men, trying to be the spokesmen.
And the ear of the world’s open so what do we tell them, compel them to sin sin?
Really, lets take a trip down memory lane. So we can see how it wasn’t the same.

It’s truly monumental, what do I mean.
See the early church endured hurt exposing the king.

He oppresed them.
They exposed them.
He arrest them. Beat them. Killed them.
I’m talking bout the Pilgrims.

Some escaped with the Bible holding their faith,
So the King sent his troops out, cause they ain’t want the truth out.
and they broke up the printing press, more killing, more arrests.
You had more that got away, smuggling the Word of God.
Hopping on the Mayflower, wasn’t easy it was hard.

A lot of them died on their way here.
America was blessed because of what they brought here.
The Good news, death, burial and resurrection.
True repentance in Christ really blessed this nation.

So if we don’t get back bro, were jacked up.

Morality, Evangelist, Law Justice, Mercy, Education, time wasting.
Wisdom, Liberty, Peace what does it all mean?
I guess without faith, it all don’t mean a thing.

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