Mars Curiosity and the Glory of Christ!

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Geeking out like the true space fan boy that I am, as I write this, I have NASA TV streaming live from my second monitor.  At 1:30am Eastern, Lord willing, yes, Lord willing, NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover will land safely on the Martian surface. But this is no ordinary intergalactic space rover (as if any planetary rovers are ordinary). Curiosity is nuclear powered, contains a complete on board chemistry lab, and is the size of a one ton car!

The mission of curiosity is no secret. It’s on the front page of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory website, “To see if Mars ever had the right conditions to support life.”

Like most of NASA’s missions it’s very purpose is humanist to the core. Curiosity is purposed to attempt to explain how life got here apart from God. NASA, how have these missions been working out for you?

Christians are very quick to abandon areas the humanist have embraced. There is no question that the humanist have taken dominion over science. The result of that has had a disastrous effect on civilization, damaging everything from education to medicine. Instead of Christians putting their foot down when it came to stopping the humanist advancement, Christians did what they do best, retreat and rebrand. Instead of being scientists, were now simply just “creation scientists” and instead of Christians leading the way in all scientific advancements, as they did in times past, the humanist are taking all the credit for scientific discoveries, that are meant to give Glory to the Creator.

However, there is something about space the humanist have not been able to completely claim. From the Apollo 8 astronauts who read Genesis Chapter 1 from space, to Jeff Williams, taking a John MacArthur Study Bible on board the Atlantis Space Shuttle, it seems as if the heavens are still declaring glory of God in spite of massive humanist space programs.

In fact I would argue that of all the ridiculously expensive, and unconstitutional Government programs, none has done more good for the Glory of God then NASA.

Scripture doesn’t need science to prove that it is true.  Creation never teaches us things about God that oppose Scripture. However, creation does broaden our understanding of what Scripture has already confirmed.

Think about how much our understanding of Scripture has been impacted ever since NASA started sending people and things into space. We know how big the universe is that God measures with his hands. How small and seemingly insignificant humanity is that he died to save. We know that God’s creation is glorious, beautiful and complex. We know how intricately and precisely fine tuned our solar system is for life and we know how rare and valuable life is. We also know how perfectly placed the earth is within our universe for scientific discovery.

And all of these things we have learned about God were a direct result of billions of dollars being spent to prove He doesn’t exist. NASA only continues to prove that scripture is the ultimate proof of God.

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Isaiah 40:12

EDIT @ 1:51AM: The Curiosity has landed. This thought went through my head shortly after the news…Before the death of Christ, Ever since the tower of Babel, God wouldn’t let us translate languages…now he allows us to visit other planets. The Gospel changes everything.  

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4 Responses to "Mars Curiosity and the Glory of Christ!"

  1. Andyineurope says:

    No God “allowed” us to go to Mars. It was a dedicated group of world engineers and scientists who built an incredibly sophisticated machine that made this event possible and ultimately successful. I can guarantee you most of them will be atheists because of their scientific and engineering backgrounds.

    • Daniel says:

      Your strawmen look quite pretty.

      OF COURSE, it was the work of a dedicated group of engineers and scientists. I don’t understand why you folks think we deny that. But all this work needs to be ALLOWED and FACILITATED (via natural laws, for example) to take place in the first place, and we accredit that to God, while Atheists acknowledge that to humanity. You have stated your belief and we stated ours; fair game. But please, stop putting words in our mouths.

      Perhaps your assertion that most of them will be Atheists has a chance of being true, but your reasoning is quite amiss. There are (and have been) countless Christians with scientific and engineering backgrounds. You also might want to study the history of Science. No, most of them perhaps might be Atheists because of their belief that God is not needed. Plain and simple.

  2. 7modesto7 says:

    You are off your rocker!

  3. Socram says:

    “No God ‘allowed’ us to go to Mars”. He gifted us with the brains for ingenuity.