Kirk Cameron’s Monumental a Review.

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When’s the last time you saw a Christian film that really breaks the mold of a Christian film? When’s the last time you saw a truly Gospel centered film that left you educated and encouraged in the work of God, but also inspired as an artist?

If you’re scratching your head, you need to watch Monumental.

Recently Crown Rights Media was given an exclusive preview of Kirk Cameron’s newest documentary ‘Monumental.’ ‘Monumental’ is wonderfully crafted and intense cinematic documentary that asks us to look to the stones laid down by our ancestors to remind us of our nation’s first settlers and Godly heritage.

(By the way, just so you know, I’m determined to write a review of Monumental, without using the word Monumental as an adjective.)

The problem with Christian films is that most of the time they are halfway done. They lack Gospel centrality, or quality production. Those with solid content are painful to sit through and films that are fun to watch have almost no Gospel.

It seems as if most Christian filmmakers forget that we serve both a God of truth and creativity.

A lot of documentaries contain boring B-roll to simply cover up interview cuts. Yet in Monumental the B-Roll actually immerses you in the story and consists of amazing cinematography. The sound design is probably some of the best I have seen in any documentary (I watch tons of documentaries.) It’s emotional, purposeful, and intense.

Not only that, but this film breaks all the rules of film school and not in a way that leaves you writing a letter demanding that the student find another major. Instead it breaks rules in a way that is gorgeous and elegant. It should challenge film makers, Christians or not, on how to better tell stories with their lens.

Ask yourself this, how many times do you get to say that a Christian film is better than most of the world’s? Not many. Which is why I stand by my original tweet about this film. It’s a precious and rare jewel in Christian film making. Monumental gives one hope not only in the future of our Nation and the power of the Gospel to change the world…but it also gives one hope in Christian arts and because of that, Crown Rights Media is fully behind this production.

The movie is a one night live event on March 27th, 2012. So you may have to drive a ways to catch it. But it’s worth it. Trust me. I’ve watched it twice and will be watching it many more times.

In fact, Crown Rights Media so fully supports this film, with it’s Gospel centrality and quality production, that we will be having a viewing party…That’s right – next week!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, join Crown Rights Media at AMC Discover Mills 18, in Lawrenceville, GA. March 27th, 2012.

You can get your tickets for it at but hurry fast because theaters are already selling out all across the country.

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28 Responses to "Kirk Cameron’s Monumental a Review."

  1. Bmhubbard1 says:

    I have not seen the movie, however I have seen Kirk Cameron’s interview promoting the movie on Glenn Beck’s show.  This is very concerning as Glenn Beck is a Mormon.  Kirk and Glenn were both talking about God, but there is a huge problem with that.  The God of Christianity is not the same God of Mormonism.  Kirk did not address the differences between Christianity and Mormonism.  Glenn even asked if Kirk minded if he attended the March 27th viewing of the film in Dallas and Kirk agreed.  So now we have Christians joining hand with Mormons for the greater good?  I have watched Kirk for years and he has seemed to be very solid in his doctrine; however, this is very concerning.  I am also shocked by the endorsement from Crown Rights Media for this film.  IV His Son and Jovan Mackenzy call out reformed rappers for going and performing at word of faith churches, but this is even worse than that.  From what I gathered from this interview we need to look to a monument in order to discover our roots and save our nation.  Shouldn’t we be looking to God’s word?  This seems to be the way everything is going…..Ecumenical.  This is the same talk that you hear from Rick Warren and many others.  “Let’s put aside our differences for the greater good”.  Glenn Beck’s closing remark he invited anyone in the Dallas area to come and watch the film with him and his family on March 27th to “hopefully save our country”.  The heart is deceitful and above all things desperately wicked.  The only hope is the gospel.  The Bible is clear that only a few will be saved and Jesus asked at His coming if He would even be able to find faith on the earth.  I believe that we should pray for our leaders and let our light shine, but to ask unregenerate people who have not been transformed by the power of the Gospel (i.e. Mormons and anyone else who wants our nation to prosper) to watch a film about our nation’s roots in order to save our nation is simply not biblical.  I love you my brothers and have been truly edified by the content on your website; however, I have to disagree with this endorsement based upon this interview.  

    I am moved to tears to see the compromise of many Christian leaders….John Piper, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Kirk Cameron, etc.  Men who at one time appeared to be biblically sound……    

    • CrownRights says:

      You should watch the film before you make such judgments. The film incredibly Gospel centered and it very clearly makes the case that there is only one true God. Also, the statue points to Biblical principals that teach us what is needed to build a strong foundation. I oppose Glenn Beck and his theology completely. However if I ever made a video and pagans wanted me to come on and talk about it I most certainly would. I would also invite many pagans to view the videos crown rights makes, that they might be jealous of the Christian worldview. 

      • Becca says:

        Hi Marcus! I’ve been hearing a lot about Monumental (both positive and negative) but I think you may be the first one that I’ve heard who has said that the movie is gospel-centered. I’m very glad to hear this, as I haven’t seen the movie yet. Yet, I get bmhubbard1’s rationale and concern. With the rise of Glenn Beck combined with the ecumenicalism going on inside Christianity already long before Glenn arrived, it is sometimes very easy for believers to gather below the flag with unbelievers and try to save the country as long as it is centered on traditional country values and family values. This is true just in general. If the focus for believers is saving the country, then our efforts will be in vain. While the Christian right has mostly succeeded in the political arena w/ candidates, we have lost the fear of God in both doctrine and evangelism. Not only have we lost the culture war, we have wound up losing time and souls as well because our focus was in the wrong place. GB would be like any other news commentator except that he fuses his strong tendencies toward ecumencalism with his politics and in the process has become a sort of all-faith pastor. I watched GB for about three or four years and watched this transformation. I was at Restoring Honor in DC and listened to his ecumenicalism there. His ecumenicalism has influenced many Christians to turn a blind eye to his Mormonism and save the country alongisde him. Many people are concerned about Kirk Cameron since different comments he has made recently re: Monumental would suggest dominion theology on his part, which is almost antithetical to the Way of the Master, where he has co-starred on for many years. So all this has definitely made me curious about this movie but also concerned for KC, since I like the Way of the Master very much.

      • Bmhubbard1 says:

        I agree that I should not make judgments about the film before I see it.  My concern is with the way Kirk Cameron is promoting it.  I think the real problem is that Glenn Beck does not view himself as a pagan.  Neither do Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Buddhists, etc.  Do you know why?  Because we are all putting aside our doctrinal differences joining together for the “greater good” (saving our nation, supporting Israel, feeding the poor).  John Hagee joins Glenn in support for Israel and calls Glenn his Christian brother.  Kirk joins him on his program and they both talk about “God” and are in total agreement the entire time.  Either Kirk does not know what Mormons actually believe or he does not care that Glenn is on the road to hell.  Hundreds of years ago Christians died by being burned to death by the Catholic Church because they would not agree to the Catholic Church’s teachings that the Pope is infallible, purgatory, salvation by works, etc; however, we are in a different time.  Now we join them on stage, go on their radio broadcasts and television shows……..not to use the opportunity to speak the truth in love, but to join hands in agreement (or at least that is what is implied) in order to promote our agendas.  No wonder the world is confused!  Jesus would have never been crucified if he acted this way.  He would have just got on stage at the next Pharisee convention in order to promote Christianity and talked about non confrontational issues and used vague terms so that no one was offended.  Lord please help us to follow your example and the examples of the martyrs before us and not follow the wisdom and strategies of man.

      • Timothy Pabody says:

        I want to encourage you for commenting Christian history and the sacrifices made in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is important and we should often remember that our freedoms came as a result of sacrifice. I submit to you that unifying America’s focus on it’s roots is the behavior of a great American! 
         Yes! we need to acknowledge our very different and important doctrinal differences.  
        This movie how ever is not an Ecumenical action. This isn’t about gathering for the sake of the gospel and forsaking the word of God.  This is about a great American’s patriotism, a great fathers leadership. Kirk’s own words were that he doesn’t want to give up on this country. This is about our Nation not our Faith in God! 

      • Dnelson648 says:

        Jesus doesn’t want us acting as people did in the old testiment. He came to tell us how to act now!! He said to be aware of false gods not condemn them or critize them. We are to set good examples of our Christian values so it may “change” those of other faiths!

      • I agree, there are some things wrong with what the Catholic Church teaches and what many Catholics believe. But there are also a number of Catholics, and Catholic churches, who only teach biblically-sound principles. Some Catholics believe Jesus is the only way to heaven, and others who also believe in a works-based principle along with Jesus. My old pastor (whom most, if not all, of my church members knew was preaching a false gospel, believed that only WELS Lutherans will go to heaven, whereas my new pastor is preaches totally the opposite. In one of his sermons, he even said that there is a problem with a the Catholic Church preaching works = salvation, but subsequently stated, “But it’s not just a Catholic problem, or a Lutheran problem, or a Buddhist problem, or a Hindu problem, or a Muslim problem or even a Jewish problem. It’s a HUMAN problem. Now obviously, there are other problems with the Church, such as the appearance of many Catholics worshipping the saints and Mary, etc. Now if what many of them are saying is true, then it seems to be that most, if not all, only pray to saints, Mary, and view them as intermediates, while they believe that only God performs miracles, etc. I also have to say that obviously the whole “intermediate” deal is unnecessary and un-biblical, because why wouldn’t God just be able to listen to our prayers on his own? Why would he need an intermediate? We also have to realize that only God can judge the salvation of others, especially those who need to get some things with their belief system straightened out if they want to truly be able to follow Jesus and the God of Abraham.

      • Cotrans says:

        isn’t it great that you have all the answers… and can judge everyone else.
        This was a movie about America and its foundation… we don’t need to get into whose church is right… The point is that our nation was founded on Christian principles and the Bible. Certainly all Christians can join and believe in that and support this film.
        It was excellent.

      •  I watched the film and agree w/ Bmhubbard1.  Where exactly was the gospel presented in this film?

    • Timothy Pabody says:

      I want to encourage you for commenting that “looking to God’s word” is the key. Yes God’s word is the source of wisdom. I submit to you that unifying America’s focus on it’s roots is the behavior of a great American! Yes, the root of all our problems is sin. Yes! “The only hope” we have in this world is as you stated is the gospel; the “good news” that Christ Paid the penalty of our sins. He freely offers, to every one who believes, a relationship with Him. As a Christian, a follower of Christ and simply a caring friend not sharing Christ’s love with others would be a very selfish thing. I am sure you would agree. This movie how ever is not an Ecumenical action. This isn’t about gathering for the sake of the gospel and forsaking the word of God.  This is about a great American’s patriotism, a great fathers leadership. Kirk’s own words were that he doesn’t want to give up on this country. This is about our Nation not our Faith in God! 

    • Dnelson648 says:

      Kirk wasn’t on Glen’s program to disect Mormonism vs Christianity. He was there to promote his movie. In the movie he will then promote Christianity. Everyone is so literal. We are NOT to “hate or ignore” those of differant faiths. Just pray for them for God’s grace. Kirk is busy planting seeds for Christianity!!God will take control!!

      • Culchulain says:

        I am a huge GB fan.  I am a Roman Catholic.  Glenn Beck has done more to bring me back to my faith in God than anyone has in most of my life.  I am amazed at people that badmouth other religions.  I am a Roman Catholic, I care only about my faith, I pray that people see the face of God, and hear the truth of the redemption of the world by my savior Jesus Christ.  My faith demands that I embrace people with different outlooks.  My most important duty as a Christian is to follow my faith, and serve as a good example for people who may be interested in my faith.  I believe that GB is a good example of his faith, but I am not drawn to his faith.  I let God do the is not my job, How many faithful can we attract by calling other Christian religions wrong.  I know very little about the Mormon faith, I am more concerned with learning my faith that God willing will keep me busy for the rest of my life.  I would suggest that those who spend much of their lives claiming that other people have it wrong have far too much time on their hands that should be spent in preparing themselves for the afterlife.
           Looking forward to seeing the movie “Monumental” even though Kirk Cameron is not a Roman Catholic….I guess I could refuse to go because his faith may disagree with some of my faith, but imagine how much I would miss if that were my outlook.

    • Au contraire! In a post on his Facebook page on Feb. 25, he wrote, “I noticed that some are wondering why I appeared on Glenn Beck’s program to talk about my new film MONUMENTAL, and if I understand that he is a Mormon. I wanted to answer these good questions so there are no misunderstandings. I gratefully agreed to be on his program for the same reason I will soon be on CNN, Good Morning America, Today Show, and the rest- to encourage everyone- Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Mormons, and atheists to see this important documentary on March 27th. All of us have skin in this game. Yes, I understand Glenn is a Mormon and I am not. We talked about that very thing in his office before the program. Please pray for Glenn and his family. I care about them. I hope to continue my friendship with Glenn and others in the media to impact and inspire them with the glorious, victorious, unstoppable gospel.”

    • Stephen1959 says:

      I have personally known Mormans of whom I know in my heart to be saved. Well, as best as one can know from inspecting fruit. I know only God knows the heart. But the folks I speak of had life changing experiences and proclaim Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. They walk their talk, and are not only Sunday morning Christians. Because we may disagree with the foundations of Mormons I think we need to be careful to not judge ones salvation by the denomination he attends but rather his faith in Christ Jesus. No the Mormon Faith will save no one. Nor will the Baptist, the Methodist, or the you name it.. Man created all of those names anyway, not God. It is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and his Spirit being in your heart that will save us. And those that follow Christ and have him in their hearts are his church.

      I think it is good there is a movie coming out to remind us of our Christian heritage when so many in our land want to erase it. No a movie won’t save us, but perhaps putting the truth back out there can help lead some back to the truth of the gospel. I look forward to having opportunity to see this movie, and I am so thankful that a handful of hollywood actors still seek to share their art to the Glory of Gods truth. The world is already trying to bury us or at best put us on a shelve. They do not need our help.

      What ever church or denomination one is attending so long as your hope is Christ Jesus and following him, and your hope is not the denomination itself. That is what is important. I do think it is a good thing to find common ground  and that common ground should be the hope of all man kind, the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Bmhubbard1 says:

        This is in response to Stephen1959 as well as Coltrans:

        I am not judging anyone……The Lord Jesus Christ did that.  He states in John 8:24 that unless you believe that I AM (He), you will die in your sins.  The religious leaders of that day did not believe that Jesus was God in the flesh.

        Your post actually proves the point of my first post.  When “Christians” join hands with false teachers without pointing out the doctrinal differences it implies that there is agreement.  Mormonism, Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam are not christian denominations.  Mormons and JW’s are cults.  Mormons believe that Jesus is the 1/2 brother of Lucifer, that He was “a” god (not the only begotten Son of God) and that we can become gods (little g).  Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that Jesus is God.  Catholics believe Jesus is God; however, they also believe that Christ’s death only partially paid for our sins and that we have to do good works to contribute to our salvation (which is why they believe in purgatory).  They also have other unbiblical practices (praying to Mary, Mass, believing the Pope is infallible).  The god of Islam, Allah, is not same as the God of the Bible.  Muslims believe Jesus was a great prophet, not God’s son.  If we have friends under these false teachings then it is our Christian obligation to warn them!  If you are under any of these teachings I BEG YOU not to just take my word, but as the Bereans did with Paul, search these things out to see if they are so.  I have had many people who are Mormons, Catholics, JW’s etc, say they don’t believe in certain aspects of their religion and that they believe Jesus is God.  But why would you stay associate with a false religion once you know the truth?  Jesus said if you deny Him before men that He would deny you before Hid father in heaven (which you are doing if you continue to associate and support an organization that denies who He truly is).  I realize that there is a huge cost for some to come out of their religions.  Loss of family, friends, jobs……..but that is a decision that we must make if we are to follow Christ! 

        So you can see that these false religions do not agree with what the Bible teaches about Jesus and his all sufficient sacrifice for sins for those who believe in Him.  So according to Jesus all who believe these false teachings are dead in their sins.  But there is hope!  You can turn from these false teachings to Jesus.  Study the Bible in order to know who He truly is and don’t take anyone else’s word for it.

        Paul said that MANY false teachers would arise in the last days.  We have Jude as an example to earnestly contend for THE faith once for all delivered to the saints.  The Bereans searched the scriptures daily to see if what Paul was teaching them aligned with God’s word and they were commended for this!  Shouldn’t we do the same thing even more so that we are warned of the flood of false teaching that will come in the last days?

        True love is not sitting back and being silent while our loved ones and friends go down the wide road leading to destruction.  True love prays and looks for opportunities to share the truth to those who have been deceived, even if they are rejected by most.  Please look in God’s Word at men like Paul, James, all of the disciples, and most importantly, our Lord Jesus and tell me if this is not exactly what they did……….and it ended up costing most of them their lives.

      • dpfella says:

        Brother, I for one hear and bare witness with everything you are sharing on this subject! I pray that others here will prayerfully consider it too.

        Just because someone says they believe in Jesus does not make them a Christian, Jesus said Himself,

        Not everyone who calls Me their Lord will get into the kingdom of
        heaven. Only the ones who obey My Father in heaven will get in. On the
        day of judgment many will call Me their Lord. They will say, “We
        preached in Your Name, and in Your Name we forced out demons and worked
        many miracles.” But I will tell them, “I will have nothing to do with
        you! Get out of my sight, you evil people!” Matthew 7:21-23

        For there is no good tree that brings forth corrupt fruit; nor again a
        corrupt tree that brings forth good fruit. For each tree is known by its
        own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush
        gather they grapes. The good man out of the good treasure of his heart
        brings forth that which is good; and the evil man out of the evil
        treasure brings forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of
        the heart his mouth speaks. And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not
        the things which I say? Luke 6:43-46

        They profess to know God, but by their works they deny Him, being
        abominable and disobedient, and worthless to every good work. Titus 1:16

        As for judging, we make judgements everyday, we have to judge between
        heaven and hell, good and bad, and right and wrong. If we look at a
        apple tree and say its an apple tree because it is baring apples is not
        wrong, Jesus said we will know people by their fruit. Its their fruit
        that’s the problem, not the person who sees the fruit and calls it what
        it is.

        So if judging another persons fruit is so wrong, why would Jesus tell us
        to get the beam out of our eye FIRST? So we could clearly SEE to HELP
        our brother get the splinter out of his eye! The whole point of judging
        is NOT to condemn our brother or neighbor but to HELP him out of love so
        he don’t end up separated from God forever. People always want to quote
        the first verse of Matthew 7 but they stop there. The point of judging
        in its entirety is, Don’t judge hypocritically, get off the whiskey
        before you tell your brother to get off it.

        I also appreciate the fact that you are not trying to be argumentative but are earnestly contending for the faith and there is a difference I can only hope and pray others will see it too.

        May God Bless Us All

      • Guest says:

        I agree!  I know a lot of mormons too.  I like to focus on the fact that we both believe Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins.  I don’t believe in judging anyones religious beliefs.  Everyones personal relationship with Jesus Christ is their own!

      • Angela says:


        I’ve had to search long through many other evangelical posts (well, I don’t know your particular form of Christianity), but anyhow, you are one of the few who have even allowed for the possibility of a saved Mormon.  Thank you so much for giving us a little credit.  I really liked your ideas and as a Latter-Day Saint I’d love to stand with ANY other Christian for Jesus Christ.  He is my hero. I’ve been amazed again and again with Him.  I hope this isn’t taken as quaint.  He is so very real to me as a living, breathing being who walked the earth and now walks the heavens.  He isn’t mythical or detached from me or any of God’s children on this earth from an atheist to Mother Theresa (another hero of mine).  I can’t wait to kneel at his feet and praise Him forever.  And I do believe He is much less concerned with our Sunday affiliation than with the purity of our hearts and deeds. How can my feelings toward my Savior be less Christian than a Baptist’s or a Lutheran’s?  I love Him and desire to do His will with greater accuracy each day!  Not to be mistaken that I could do so without His grace helping me to do so.

    • EST says:

      It’s always possible that God can use such a film as a medium to reach unregenerate people.

    • Sherri Boyd says:

      Glan Beck serves a very wide audience, what an opportunity to have him on board. I have listened to GB many many times and I have never heard anything less than truth when he speaks about God. He may be a mormon but I have never heard any message regarding John Smith ever from him and I think it is fantastic that he is on board what a voice piece for this film, besides that GB hasn’t even been a believer for very long who knows the relationships he is making with Evangelical CHristians he may grow past mormonism.

  2. WmLeonhartIII says:

    I struggle with the restriction that we place on Christians to only put out art if it is overtly gospel-centered. It’s strange. We don’t expect painters to paint only scenes of the crucifixion or the empty tomb. We don’t expect every composer to accompany their instrumentals with lyrics about the gospel story or its implications. Yet, in the realm of movies and most forms of popular music, if it isn’t gospel-centered, and violently so, it is viewed by many Christians as trash. I will go see Kirk’s documentary, and I will most likely like it. But its message will not then become the standard by which I determine the viability of every Christian movie I see afterward. Nor will every movie that features the gospel less than his movie be seen by me as moralistic or legalistic due to its lack of emphasis on the gospel. Some movies are great precisely because they allow the Christian to exercise his responsibility to share the gospel to his own friends without doing all the work for him.

    • KnowledgeisPower says:

      I agree. I also feel that this film missed the grand opportunity of maximizing political support from concerned Americans who fear for the future of their country under the current administration. Not all of these people are religious, or Christian in particular, but they are still hard-working Americans with strong family values. If the gospel-centricity of the film was slightly toned down, I think this film could have garnered a greater appeal and perhaps hit the mainstream spectrum. Unfortunately, the only reviews for this film can be found on religious websites- which is only unfortunate strictly due to the missed opportunity of expanding the reach of this film.

      • Sherri Boyd says:

        Oh I disagree, watering down shadows the truth, without the message about the Puritans and the gospel it wouldn’t of made sense, and I also bet once this film hits DVD many of the world will watch it they just may not tell us about it.

    • Evanssisters says:

       i agree that many christians think that if the gospel is overtly explained somehow is not christian is absolutely wrong.  it is funny how we take a few of Jesus’s teachings and make our doctrine centered completely around them.  the real gospel is that Jesus came to heal our broken, sin sick soul.  courageous is best film that sherwood pictures has brought out so far because it did not overtly preach the gospel it showed how these lives of these four guys were transformed when they decided to be more than just a “good” father as in terms of the world standards to be the best fathers they could be.  Jesus told us to shine our lights or live our lives so that people will see and praise our heavenly father.  i looking forward for the opportunity to see this film as well as October Baby.

  3. Sherri Boyd says:

    I felt an urgent sense of sorrow when the film had ended, as I see how far we have gotten away from the founding principles of our great country. I feel robbed of our heritage. No one could move from there seats after the documentary ended, we were all in awe we were frozen in our seats, we eventually began discussing our issues we face in America and having wonderful discussions about our country. It is up to us believers to reinforce the foundation of America that has kept her so blessed, so vibrant. I am sad how we have stripped Christ out of everything He has done for us/USA. Imagine omitting Picasso from his art pieces times that by a trillion.  Every American and every person entering this great Nation of God MUST WATCH this film! It is time for a change to come.

  4. CrownRights says:


  5. Susan says:

    When will the movie show in Mississippi?

  6. Pat-Titus347 says:

    March 27, 2012 is history, and I was in the theater to watch this dynamic film. I was disappointed that the theater, or someone, cut off the live feed in the middle of Kirk Cameron’s after documentary comments. It was such a moving film.

    Where or when will there be opportunity to view it again?