How Dispensationalism Dam’s the Pro-Life movement.

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Proverbs 29:18
“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

The other day I was privileged to listen to Gary North pitch some ideas for an upcoming project Crown Rights is working on. If anyone knows anything about Gary North, he’s a man whose written millions of words, all in a manner that’s easily tweetable. So in the midst of our conversation and charming one liner tweetables like; “Show me a Church that engages in the sacraments every quarter, and I’ll show you a Church that lacks discipline”. He said the following – which quickly had me launching my twitter app –

“Any Christian who who get’s involved in politics is functionally a post-millenialist. No one gets involved in politics to lose.”

But this week, as the early voter status updates started to hit my Facebook wall, I noticed many Christian brothers and sisters who have long been staunchly pro-life, start to flaunt their support of Romney. A man who spends money on advertisements proudly proclaiming his support of murdering those babies conceived in rape and inscest.

It made me stop.

Wait a minute? Your supporting this guy? What happened to the give me life, or give me death attitude of no surrender you used to have? Why the compromise?

That’s when it hit me….

Dispensationalism has invaded politics and what Gary North said is partly true, no one gets involved in politics to lose, but thanks to the ‘end is near’ worldview of dispensationalism, people do however, get involved in politics to hold back the inevitably collapsing dam.

When an individual gets involved in politics while holding on tightly to a worldview that says everything is going to hell and everything is collapsing, they enter the ring already presupposing that defeat is right around the corner. All one can do at this point is hold back the inevitable doom that is to come.

This is why Scripture says “Without vision the people perish, but happy is he who keeps the Law.”

Perhaps that’s why after many years of fighting, after many years of standing outside of abortion clinics, pleading for the lives of the unborn, many Christian men and woman have embraced Mitt Romney and in so doing dammed the pro-life momentum.

You’ve heard the argument before before I am certain….

“It’s better to vote for the guy who only favors abortion 10% of the time, then it is to support the guy who favors it 100% of the time.”

I mean correct me if I’m wrong; but out of 1.5 million butchered and vacuumed children a year, the guy who only wants 150 thousand butchered and sucked out of the womb does seem like a lesser evil, right?

The truth is that voting for a guy, who because of his false church, supports the massacre of only 150 thousand babies a year can only be acceptable if there is no possible way for abortion to ever be done away with according to your worldview. If abortion will only wax on for the worse, and will never wax off for the better, voting for the guy who supports the minor massacre seems like a great deal because lets face it, abortion is here to stay and there is no possible ‘vision’ of victory in sight. The next election we might not be so lucky, after all the Bible says so; doesn’t it?

But ultimately, and thankfully, such an attitude of defeatism is not found anywhere within the pages of Scripture.

Instead, Scripture states the opposite. That right now, Christ is King, He is seated in heaven with all power and authority, making his Enemies his footstool – 1 Corinthians 15 – and the nations, His disciples – Matthew 28.

That’s the worldview that demands no compromise. That’s the vision that causes Christians to storm the gates of Hell for the sake of keeping God’s law and that’s the worldview that won’t set back the pro-life cause years for the sake of one election.

When we share the vision and confidence of scripture that the Gospel is actively – on earth and in time – destroying evil and casting down every high thing, why on earth would we compromise in keeping Gods law?

The truth is, if you believed that, you wouldn’t.

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9 Responses to "How Dispensationalism Dam’s the Pro-Life movement."

  1. Paul says:

    So whats your answer to this?

  2. Stuff like this grieves me…

  3. I really like the stuff that you guys do at crown rights, and you all have a great deal of my respect. You make some great points in this blog, but the only way your assumptions and assertions could be true is if there weren’t any pre-mil or post-mil folks compromising on their anti-abortion views and voting for Romney. Last time I checked, James 1:14 says “14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” Maybe I’m missing something, but it doesn’t seem to blame dispensationalists for man’s struggle with sin and death in the world. Perhaps it would be more accurate to get upset at all Christians for idolizing money and prioritizing finances and a solid economy over the lives of the unborn. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like dispensationalistss are the only Christians committing that sin. Dispensationalists aren’t the only ones compromising on the issues of abortion, and not all dispensationalists are voting for Romney either. I think the motivation behind this blog is good, but it seems like you need to cast a wider net with your accusations.

  4. KR says:

    I think you forget 1 Corinthians 15:23, he is not presently reigning on earth now, that is the point of the passage. I don’t think it’s dispensationalism that’s the problem, its weak hearted Christians who are hesitant to have courage to stand against such atrocities. I would say there are many other scriptures that speak to why we should plead the cause of the innocent instead of just blaming a worldview like dispensationalism, its not just them who are not standing, its many others.

    • Joel Taylor says:

      I Corinthians 15:23 has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with “Christ reigning on earth”. That is pure eisogesis. The passage has to do with the resurrection, not some millennial fantasy. By the way, Christ is reigning over the earth, right now, having been given all power and all authority in and over heaven and earth.

      • CrownRights says:

        Please stay away from this blog Joel. I’d like to continue keeping your platform no bigger than a drive thru speaker.

  5. Hugh says:

    good stuff, tho’ you misspelled “incest”