Edified – Why Atheist Believe in God

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The Chocolate Knox sits down with Sye Tenbruggencate of http://proofthatgodexists.org and discusses why it is atheist are lying every time they claim to not believe in God. Does your apologetic assist atheist in deceiving themselves, or does it consistent with the Word of God?

See the first in this series here: Edified 001 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP9y7eLQ22I

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2 Responses to "Edified – Why Atheist Believe in God"

  1. […] approach. More of Sye’s work can be seen at proofthatgodexists.orgI hope that you enjoy.Edified with The Chocolate Knox | Presuppositional Apologetics with Sye Ten Bruggencate    //–>//> This entry was posted in Apologetics and tagged Faith, God, Reason by […]

  2. s. says:

    He isn’t saying that he “knows” homosexuality is wrong…he’s acknowledging that many LGBT youth are raised in households where it is viewed as wrong, and he’s helping them to develop their own souls enough to withstand the hateful backlash that will result from them pursuing their own lives, which they need to do to be happy and fulfilled. He’s also not saying that every Christian is an anti-gay bigot, just that many official church doctrines discriminate against the LGBT community.

  3. youtube says:

     Ya Paul, that’s right, I’m afraid of your posts :-) 

    Just look at my 4 exchanges with Paul if you want to see the true motives behind his stalking me.