Crown Rights Media in 2012

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The Crown Rights Media logo was designed on New Year’s Eve, one year ago. The Crown Rights blog was created the next day. I really don’t know what I was expecting to come of it. I certainly didn’t expect that in one year Crown Rights would be where it is currently, nor did I know where Crown Rights would be headed in such a short amount of time.

But the Lord knew…and the Lord knows…

For those of you that are unaware, I am doing Crown Rights full time. In order to pay my bills I rely on people who support Crown Rights. It’s a tremendous step of faith for me but so far the Lord has been very gracious to me and has provided for my day to day expenses.

But in 2012 Crown Rights Media has been given opportunities to work on projects that will require some extra expenses. So I wanted to take a moment and point out some reasons to be excited about Crown Rights Media and the work that is being done.

First things first and this is really exciting. Crown Rights Media has been given an 800 square foot space to turn into a studio. The studio space is a great size and there will be of zero dollar monthly expense. The only catch is we actually have to turn it into a studio and this requires a bit of a construction. Mainly in the form of paint and lighting. This studio space will serve multiple uses and allow production of several series. Should the Lord provide the needed funds, we hope to be producing our first web series, Edified, within the studio by the end of the month.

This brings me to number two. Edified. The first Crown Rights web series. Have you ever thought to yourself, I sure would like to have __________________ come by my house one Sunday after church, kick back, sit down on my couch and uncompromisingly discuss some serious doctrine. Well, that’s the goal of Edified. Unlike typical interview shows the goal of Edified is not to simply ask questions, but leave the viewer edified in the things of God as if he/she were fellowshipping with them. The pilot show with guest Sye TenBruggencate discussing presuppositional apologetics is already in the editing bay and scheduled to be released soon. In the future we hope to have everyone from Christian musicians, artists, theologians and pastors all sit down on the couch. In case you have not seen it, here is a preview of “Edified | Episode 1″

Number three, video production is a really expensive form of communication. Yet it happens to be one of the primary forms of communication in our culture. There are many Godly, Christ Centered ministries who need access to creative video productions but cannot afford it. Crown Rights Media desires to provide churches, ministries and individuals with low cost creative productions to help them grown their ministries. By supporting Crown Rights you allow me to travel and work with Churches, ministries and ministers providing them with promotional materials that they could never afford but desperately need. This in turn allows their respective ministries to grow and expand thus furthering the Work of the King. It’s a beautiful picture of members of the Church using different talents and resources to partner together for the sake of Christ.

Forth and this is huge. There are plans in progress within the next few months to produce an entire reality television series. The hope is to start shooting in April and the production will require travel, additional camera gear, volunteers and lots of prayer. The premise of the show is being ironed out so I can’t go into many details at the moment but Lord willing the specifics will be announced soon in addition to a production blog. Please keep me in prayer as producing this show is a massive undertaking, one of which I do not feel qualified to do and cannot do alone but this is a good place to be because it causes me to trust the One who qualifies even more.

The fifth and final reason I would ask you to seek the Lord about supporting Crown Rights Media this year is because quite frankly, I don’t know anyone who is doing anything close to what Crown Rights is doing. Crown Rights Media is not looking to conform to the culture. We are not looking to have the world admire us as artist while hating our God. We are trying to completely change the video production game. I firmly believe if someone looks at a Crown Rights production and says “Wow, their production quality is just like the secular productions!” then we have failed. I desire Crown Rights to surpass the work of the world, forcing the world to become irrelevant. I don’t have any desire for Crown Rights to imitate the world. I desire for the world to look at Christian media as the standard for quality and thereby forcing the world, to look to the Gospel of Christ despite their hatred of Him.

So as you can see there are a lot of things in the works. There are a lot of opportunities that have opened up and many things to be very excited about in the near future. I truly thank God for everyone who has helped Crown Rights Media get to where it is. Obviously I cannot promise that supporting Crown Rights will give you health, wealth and prosperity but I can promise that supporting Crown Rights will give you high quality, God Glorifying, creative productions for you and your family to watch, share and distribute in the near future.

If you would like to support Crown Rights Media you can click here.

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