Christian Media and Trashcans.

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Yesterday, I came across someone complaining that a certain Christian individual’s song should be played on every radio station in the country. Another commenter responded that people would lose their jobs if they played it. (You know, because its Christians and the MSM hates us, etc.)

kfc-4After listening to the song for 15 seconds (after the 60 seconds of instrumental), I realized that the reason every DJ in the country would lose their job if they played it was not because of God hating disk jockey’s who despise fantastic musical exposition. It was because it was simply not good. Bad mixing, bad flow, bad production.

99% of the time it’s not persecution that causes Christian media to not get any attention. It’s quality. We’ve been living in the trash for years and we somehow came up with the arrogance to complain to KFC about their lack of selling chicken bones and spoiled cole slaw. Then we get mad at Christians who buy an 8-piece meal or, you know, actually get a job at KFC.

How about we just repent of our laziness and slothfulness, get to work and make a better recipe. We already have all the ingredients! God has given US the original recipe.

The beauty of capitalism, which God designed, is that the best product wins. We simply don’t have the best product. We’re not even close, but the first step in fixing the problem is admitting that we have one and boy do we have a problem.

The problem is that trash doesn’t sell. People don’t want trash, and they won’t share trash on their Facebook or Twitter. They won’t promote it. They won’t push it. They won’t write blogs about it and they won’t even bootleg it.

So let’s stop shouting “persecution!”; when the truth is we simply fail at capitalism. Let’s stop demanding that Christian’s make and sell trash while the world feasts from our stolen original recipe.

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