40 Arabic Words featuring James White and IV His Son

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Crown Rights and IV His Son was blessed to have the opportunity to create a second video for James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries refuting Islam. In this video, IV explains the 40 Arabic Words of Surah 4:157 and Muslims don’t believe Jesus truly died on the Cross. Please take a moment to watch this video and pass it along to some friends of yours. Specifically Islamic friends.

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4 Responses to "40 Arabic Words featuring James White and IV His Son"

  1. Salvatore Mazzotta says:

    Excellent.  The words of eternal life.

  2. Hatha-sapealy says:

    Peace be upon you

    I heard that the first book of the New
    Testament is not Gospels but Epistles of Paul 50AD 20-25 years after Jesus left
    and 20-25 years before the Gospels. And I know that the bible was written by
    men and I know that Christians read the bible on different languages “there
    is no specific copy that all Christian can agree on!”

    Ahh.. can anyone tell me when the bible was
    authenticated because I heard it was by men in a city that 1440 mile away from
    the place of the event and after 400 year!!!

    So how do you want me to trust what men wrote
    after the death of Jesus peace be upon him.

    I believe that bible from God but I do not know
    which one of the bookssss that you are reading is the closest one to the real
    bible. So my head and heart refuses to believe in the existing bible.  

    Btw as a Muslim I do believe that Jesus is a
    saver. Because it is mentioned in Quran that Jesus peace be upon him will come back
    to earth and clean it from the injustice.

    Alhoma saly ala Muhammed^^

    • Ron_tower says:

      You are sinful and God is Holy you are in danger friend! A good judge would never let you go after muder and rape because you started to do good! you will not escape God’s Judgement on that day friend! because you believe tht your good works will tip the scale and based on that God will let you in? no! Jesus is the only way to the Father friend! Jesus Gift of eternal life is your only hope. Isaiah 53 speaks of God being pleasee at the crushing of His Son – that is Jesus. Friend unless you believe that Jesus is who He says He is then  you will die in your  sins. wages for sin is death! but God’s gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

  3. Ron Tower says:

    Most Muslims fight for islam becuse without it they would feel alone and isolated – dissfellowshiped from the islamic community’s so they fight for it because it is not just what they believe that makes them hold firm but their Culture. When a religion is a political didctatorship – Islam whereby you can be killed for saying something wrong or not saying the right thing then of course you will not convert and when your entire culture and Community will turn it’s back on you,friends,family  it makes it really hard to go against the flow, but when we see those who are muslims and get converted to the one true God Jesus Christ you know that they are serious and that they will continue even if they culture threathens their life :) Because they have a new culture! from Heaven :) Salvation is not earned but is a gift from a Holy God to wicked sinful people who have no hope except the redemtion found in Christ.